Sunday, September 03, 2006

DC Recordings present Death Before Distemper

In my opinion DC Recordings are releasing some of the best music at the moment. They have recently begun to do a one hour long show on once a month called Death Before Distemper. They are also releasing a compilation, on cd, of the same name showcasing some of their recent vinyl releases. It looks awesome. Check out the tracklist below.

1. The Emperor Machine: Bloody Hell (5:03)[edit]
2. Padded Cell: Unknown Zone (5:23)[edit]
3. Kelpe: Yippee Space Ghost (5:22)[previously unreleased]
4. Vincent Markowski: False Flag (5:45)[previously unreleased, edit]
5. Depth Charge: Supersonic Monsters (5:00)[previously unreleased]
6. The Emperor Machine: Bodilizer Bodilsizer (5:20)[edit]
7. The Orichalc Phase: Respond In Silence (4:28)
8. The Emperor Machine: RimRamRamRim (5:06)[previously unreleased]
9. White Light Circus: Rocket Ride (6:31)
[previously unreleased, edit]
10. Kelpe: Quick Broken Harp (1:50)
11. Alexanders Dark Band: The Immortal Squirrel (4:31)[edit]
12. White Light Circus: The Shot! (Dub Copy) (5:04)[edit]
13. Padded Cell: Are You Anywhere? (5:22)[edit]
14. The Orichalc Phase: Comatone (7:58)[previously unreleased]


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