Monday, August 29, 2005

Kanye West

Late Registration
There are some horribly obvious samples on this album but they are used so effectively it doesn't even matter. I was never too impressed with College Dropout but there is no denying his flow. Some good guests this time too (but, Brandy??? Who knew she was still alive? Guess those Moesha royalties are drying up...). Pick it up tomorrow.

Stand out tracks:
Touch the Sky feat Lupe Fiasco
Drive Slow feat Paul Wall
Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix) feat Jay Z


Blogger WhozURDaddy said...

Honestly man, I don't feel his flow at all. For me, it's painful to listen to him rhyme. He's a good producer, but I don't think he should rap.

Regardless, he's following his dream, so good for him.

2:58 am  

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